i fuckin' created the universe.

eat. sleep. laugh. mission accomplished.
  • Having so much fun with these kids lately & finding old games to play again
    1. Paige giving kids evil ass looks!! So hilarious watching her babysit. No patience whatsoever.. Because it’s the two girls + me & I lol
    2. Game of life u can drift & kill everyone
    3.stupid bin of babies; the whole reason I wanted to play this game was to have hella kids (twins especially)
    4. Married my dream man
    5.paige on social media n TXTING her boys while “I babysit”
    6. The hoses just get sicker
    7.never had twins 😒
    8. 20 spots behind everyone else sucked!!! I was so eager to finish the game with a full car & hella kids
    9.this was so funny! When I landed heree I got so happy since everyone else had such big families and this was my first child. I had to call Ben an ask what kinda child it was. He was at work and panicked when I had left him 3 voicemails screaming I need you call me back!!! ;) he’s my angel baby.. And; it was a boy.
    10.ended the game after I had a boy…. Which so perfect for mee lol ;)

  • I think I’m in love 😍
    He’s so retarded!!
    Box 1: “wearing my nice jacket today”
    Box 2: last time we went to SF I took him to the. Golden Gate Bridge. When we got there… We look at it & he asked me what bridge it was. I just soaked it all in, the one thing I have on him❤️
    Box 3 & 4; his encounters with homosexuals. He is very unsure how to act an tries to avoid all contact & conversation whatsoever. Then gets asked to take a pic of them. He told me he “kindly neglected”

    ….what have I got myself into

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    This is the funniest thing to ever happen to Canada

    I have never been prouder to be Canadian

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This deadass the funniest tweet ever.

Holy shat


    This deadass the funniest tweet ever.

    Holy shat

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    My lyrf

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  • Everyone loves his love

    Everyone loves his love

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